Google out program

When we think about website listings the first thing that comes to mind is Google. Well we all can’t be at the top of Google without high investment. Yes Google is a great platform and yes #addwords do work. Lots a bigger companies trying to steer away from Google and concentrate on other ways of promoting their business across other social media platforms. In some cases big companies spend vast amounts of money trying to steer away from the Google Revolution.

How to get listed on Goggle

If you have the Money then google adwords is the best away ( just a small bit will always help )

Everyday people make fake websites you need to satisfy Google you are a proper new Business

Add you Business to google maps

Setup a Business Goggle Email account

Setup a google Webmasters tools

Ask customers to give you a Google Review

Add Videos to YouTube or your services and products (people Love to see what you do as a video )

Small business Web hosting
Small business need fast Hosing Servers. If you have a Cheap Hosting provider then it is likely the server will be slow and full of Websites and some maybe dogie .

If a search engine crawls a slow web server it likely not to pickup all you information It Needs.

Most Web servers have 1 or 2 ip address you share with lots of over websites on the server. If Goggle dont like the IP address of your Hosting server your not going to be listed as well !